Quick Release Tunnel Pak (White) S/M

Skinz Protective Gear

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  • This pak will have a quick release mounting system that will allow the rider to remove the tunnel pak whenever they choose
  • It will also be constructed from a new structured soft styled vacuum formed material that will maintain size and shape and is completely waterproof
  • Special zippered closure with interior that will give the rider organizational capabilities for all their contents
  • Smooth, sleek, low design will be perfect for aggressive backcountry riding and will look good on any machine
  • Is made to work on any tunnel style and will fit with the Polaris T-Slot system
  • Another benefit with the pak is the air gap maintained between the bottom of the pak and the tunnel allowing a much greater degree of cooling capabilities
  • This pak is approx. 14” wide x 18” long x 8” tall
  • Kit includes the mounting system and the pak
  • Everything is included for a complete installation